Efficient Solar Energy Systems.

Winston Cone Optics (WCO) is a provider of low-carbon solar heating technologies based in Merced, CA.

We are bringing technologies developed at the University of California, Merced and University of Chicago to market.

Save money by reducing your fluctuating energy prices
Green Your Energy Supply
Help keep business local, stimulating the Valley’s economy
Our Services

Our Goal.

Our goal is to help you reduce energy costs and emissions by providing a robust low-carbon heating system which

Reliably delivers solar heat  into according to your unique needs
Reduces fossil fuel emissions
Lower energy costs
Our Services

Winston Cone Optics develops technologies that make solar energy systems more efficient, more affordable, and easier to integrate.

WCO leverages years of R&D and manufacturing expertise

Low cost manufacturing
Nonimaging optics
Vacuum tube technologies
Our Technologies